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In Texas, you need all the help you can get to cool off during the summer. The good news is That Window Guy also installs solar screens for your home’s windows!

Block 80-90% of the Sun’s Heat

A heavy-duty woven mesh screen (vinyl-coated polyester to be exact) is used in our solar screens to block the sun’s heat from entering your home while maintaining its durability for many seasons of use. Models are available in both 80% and 90% transmission depending on your needs and requirements. Your home will stay cooler, and the energy required to cool your home will be lower.

A Versitle Solution For Your Home

This solar screen material is excellent for use on windows, doors, and porches and is available in several colors. All the hot stuff is kept out, while you maintain excellent outward visibility from inside your home. Solar screens also provide insect protection without stopping the breeze, are mildew and fade resistant, and need only the occasional cleaning with mild soap and water. In addition to the thermal benefits, solar screens reduce glare from the sun inside the home and provide daytime privacy.

Solar screens are available in the following frame and screen colors. Please visit our office for exact color samples.

Screen Colors

Frame Colors

Our Recent Solar Screen Projects

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