Pressure Washing

Revitalize Your Property

Pressure washing is one of the best ways to add new life to your building. Whether it is a residence or commercial facility, TWG Soft Wash has the equipment and expertise to get your building looking like new again.

While pressure washing can produce fantastic results, it can also cause a lot of damage if done wrong. Too mush pressure can do things such as push water behind your siding or even cause damage to your decks or sidewalks. Let us bring our state-of-the-art equipment and experience to you and you can rest easy that the job will be done right the first time.

The Right Tool For The Job

Another pressure washing tool we can bring to your house are our surface cleaners. Too often people try to clean sidewalks and driveways with the hand wand leaving streaks and dirty areas behind. TWG Soft Wash has the tools to do the job correctly with multiple sizes of surface cleaners allowing us to clean areas as big as a parking lot or as small as a sidewalk or patio. We also have a pressure washers that can heat the water to very high temperatures giving us more cleaning power.

All Your Pressure Washing Needs

One of our specialties is our House Wash. Here in east Texas, due to the high humidity, most houses with siding start to grow mildew on the north sides. We have a process in which we use low pressure with some anti-mildew detergents to wash away the mildew, dirt, and cobwebs bringing your siding back to it’s original beauty. See our web page on roof washes to learn how we can remove those ugly black streaks on your roof caused by algae.

Our Recent Pressure Washing Results

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